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Next Simple Step

Jun 24, 2022

The planning that goes into a vacation is of the utmost importance, if only to help you not dread the day after it ends. Tune in to find out Paul and Angela's "rules for vacation."

Jun 17, 2022

If you've ever struggled with finding your purpose in your life or career, have you ever considered asking an attorney? If not, today's your day.

Frank Ramos is a lawyer, writer, speaker, and purpose coach and in this week's episode, we talk about finding our purpose.

Jun 10, 2022

Around every corner there's another surprise that complicates life even further. So, how do you slow down and be present in the moment in front of you? Paul and Angela discuss this and more on this week's episode.

Jun 3, 2022

We all know that the economy has been a different animal recently. So, if you're one of those people who gets your financial statements and you just can't bring yourself to open them, this episode is for you. Listen in as Angela interviews her friend and mentor, Ashley Gilbert.